Josh Duran
Josh Duran

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  • Josh Duran

Josh Duran is proud to be a part of the Front Gate Realty team. He is a fourth generation home builder and while growing up his life centered around real estate. You have probably seen him on those wonderful television ads his parents still run for Duran Homes. Yep, that little boy saying “If Anybody Can, Duran Can” is Josh. He was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. His life experiences in and around the industry has giv

What clients say about working with us

  • Josh knows

    Josh is a go-getter and definitely what you want in a realtor!! He knows this business and makes it simple to understand all the...

  • Hard Working

    I've always known Josh to be ethical, forthright, dedicated and hardworking. The slogan says it all: "Duran Can!"

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